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Side Entry Mixers  - Four Choices To Fit Your Application

In terms of side entry mixers, there are basically 4 different configurations:

  • AXF - Gear Driven Fixed Angle 

  • AXS - Gear Driven Swivel Angle

  • AXB - Belt Driven Fixed Angle

  • AXV - Belt Drive Swivel Angl​e

As a general guideline,  swivel angle side entry mixers are used for BS&W applications where you want to sweep the solids off the bottom of the tank.   

For nearly all other applications, you would want a constant flow field in the tanks to promote blending.  For these, you would want fixed angle mixers.

All swivel angle mixers rotate 60 degrees in the horizontal.
Swivel angle mixers can be supplied either to be manually moved or rotated using a small planetary gearbox (as shown).   
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