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Crude Oil, Bottom Sludge and Water (BS&W)

Bottom Sludge and Water (BS&W) typically contains paraffins, heavy ends, sediments of sand / silts and water and will accumulate and effect the quality of the stored crude oil.

To optimize the crude tanks swivel angle mixers should be used.   These mixers rotate 60° and 'sweep' the bottom of the tank and suspend the solids.


This is the best solution to BS& W control in large tanks and ensures that the heavy solids, water and corrosive salts which settle in areas least agitated by a permanently fixed mixer are maintained in suspension.





Fixed angle side entry mixers are excellent  for a number of applications.   They provide efficient mixing that produces a set flow field that promotes blending,  homogeneity , solids suspension, and temperature control.

Typical applications:

  • FGD - Flue Gas Desulfurization

  • Fuel Blending

  • Lube oil

  • Vegetable Oil Processors 

  • Breweries 

  • Biofuels Storage

  • Soft Drinks Producers

  • Alcohol Distilleries 

  • Wineries

  • Sugar Refineries 

  • Water Treatment

  • Chemicals 

  • Hydrocarbon Production & Processing

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