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Better Design Better Mixers

Our side entry mixers are designed and built to be equal to anything else on the market today.   They are engineered and manufactured to be superior in terms of reliability, mixing and easier to maintain.   Just compare the list below with what others quote, there is a difference!


From the tip of our impellers through the motors, we have designed our mixers with the end user in mind.





  • All of our side entry mixers (gear drive and belt drives) use easy to install, face mounted motors that require no alignment.

  • LOTUS MIXERS uses non-proprietary motors – lower cost to our customers and allows more flexibility.

  • IEC/NEMA Frames, Arctic Duty, Explosion Proof, Chemical Duty, Tropical Duty, UL, CUL or CSA Motors, IEEE 841, ATEX.

Gear Drives

  • LOTUS CHEMMIXERS utilizes Cast Iron gearboxes to provide a robust rigid heavy duty platform for our agitators.  

  • All gearboxes are designed with a minimum 2.0 Service Factor based on full motor nameplate HP

  • Our gearboxes are designed to supply high torque.   Torque relates to the actual power being transmitted to the fluid

  • Normal output speeds are 350, 300, 240, 190 rpm

Belt Drives

  • LOTUS Mixers offers both V-belt and tooth belt design (Eagle PD belts)


  • All bearings are name brand (SK, NSK, FAG or Timiken)

  • All bearings are a minimum L-10 bearing life of 100,000 hours (compared to competition that offers 30,000 or 60,000 hours)

Shaft Seals

  • LOTUS MIXERS offers magnetic coupled, double mechanical cartridge seals, single mechanical cartridge seals and stuffing boxes to seal the shaft. 

  • Our cartridges includes a heavy duty integrated bearing to minimize the forces on the seal face, flush system and premuim seal face material (Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide on all inboard and single mechanical seals). 

  • Our cartridge seals are removed and installed as a unit.  All rebuilding can be done away from the mixer and bench tested.


  • LOTUS CHEMMIXERS side entry agitators shafts are designed to limit vibration and withstand the loads seen in horizontal mixing. 

  • LOTUS CHEMMIXERS side entry mixer shafts DO NOT require any in-tank wear sleeve.   The shafts are properly designed to not require any in-tank supports which eliminates a major maintenance and leakage issue.

  • On average, our shaft diameters provide 25+% greater cross sectional area than competition.


  • LOTUS CHEMMIXERS offers the FloMax® impeller series with bolted or welded fabrication. By fabricating the impellers vs. casting, we are able to vary the pitch for the specific application and control both the dynamic and hydraulic balance within tight specifications.

  • Our FloMax® impellers provide both thrust and flow over a wide flow field  as compared to a narrow axial flow.

  • For customers that require cast impellers,  these can be supplied to them upon request.

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