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Best Engineering,
Best Designs,
Best Mixers!

There is a difference between our mixers and the mixers supplied by others.    In our opinion we have engineered, designed and built the best mixers on the market today.

Our side entry mixers is only as good as the shaft seal.  With our design, we offer 4 basic sealing options (stuffing box, single mechanical and double mechanical cartridge seal and magnetic drive) and numerous application seals (for asphalt, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper).

Our side entry mixers are used in BS& W, blending (crude, gasoline, fuel oils, asphalt, bitumen, etc...) as well as chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper.

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Impeller selection is critical to the performance  of any mixer.   As such LOTUS CHEMMIXERS offers 8 different side entry mixer impellers:

- Two different style Forward Rake Designs

- Wide Blade Hydrofoils 3 and 4 blade designs

- Standard Hydrofoils 3 and 4 blade designs

- FGD special impeller design

- Propelller design

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